A competitive Net Crawler game for 1-4 players.

Sys.ter vs Blinx Expansion

The Blinx Avatar model was created by the Breacher B1G_D4dd1 and was welcomed by the computer community as a true miracle of technology. Fast and deadly, Blinx’s performance was superior to any Avatar created to date. Unfortunately for him, the Achab Corporation also realized the value of this avatar, and thanks to a well-thought-out trap, they stole all the data and files of Blinx, deleting them completely from every terminal around the world. But they didn’t stop there. The A.Corp programmers used Blinx data to create a terrible (and completely insane) new Guardian. However, B1G_D4dd1 has not resigned and has now designed a brand new and powerful Avatar called Sys.ter to recover the lost data of his most brilliant creation… or destroy it forever, freeing it from the control of A. Corp.

Sys.ter, is an Avatar specialized in close combat and can boast excellent movement and defensive skills. Her peculiarity consists in being able to exploit all the Code Cubes present in the Cache for her attacks. This means that when the Breacher who controls her has to calculate her attack value, they will be able to add both the code cubes present in the Red Box and those in the Cache, potentially reaching extraordinary values ​​for any Avatar. Sure this will require some planning in your moves, but if you are skilled enough, you will hit like a freight train!

Guardian Blinx‘s artificial intelligence is affected by her Avatar past and she has developed a kind of cybernetic dual personality. Her memory of her Avatar will help the Breachers eliminate the I.C.E., but every time she does, she will accumulate Virus tokens on her, and when she has a certain amount of them she will start closing the breaches, spreading panic and violence in the Database!

You will be able to use these two fantastic new models in any game of the Breach, which will immediately increase variability and replayability!

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