Anno domini 1530, Wittenberg, Saxony.
After an apparent truce between the new Protestant and Catholic doctrines, rumor has it that a group of cultists called Totentanz has begun operating in the city.
It seems that these heretics are devoted to pagan rites, aimed at evoking Death in the material plane, to trigger divine judgment and cleanse the earth of the undeserving.

For this reason, Pope Clement VII called for the intervention of a secret Vatican order founded by Cardinal Vincenzo Nicola Furia…

Requiem: the Downfall of Magic is a cooperative map-based adventure game that will bring you to a fantastic and intriguing early 1500s Europe; asymmetrical characters will face crossroads campaigns, exploring territories and performing actions: depending on the players’ choices, successes, and decisions, the game can lead to a specific final battle and its corresponding ending.

Crowdfunding Campaign Q4 2023

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