Your ancestors traveled far before finding the ideal place to start over.
You are Perceivers, you have the gift of seeing beyond the veil of reality.
You are the only ones who can communicate with the spectres that haunt these lands.
The future of Kalena now lies in your hands.

Haunted Lands is a competitive Euro-game for 2-4 players, with beautiful illustrations and amazing meeples. Explore new lands in search of new resources to help develop your community. But beware: Specters from ancient civilizations still dwell in these places, frightening the explorers and making your buildings unusable. As Perceivers, you are the only ones who can communicate with these restless spirits, to try to drive them away from these lands and become the heroes of Kalena!

Game mechanics

The city of Kalena, with its high walls, would be able to withstand any attack.
But what would happen if the Specters, against whom man-made barriers are ineffective, came to the city?

Players play through three seasons, each divided into three rounds, with each round consisting of one turn per player.
During their turn, each player may move across tiles gathering resources, building structures, and/or chasing away Specters using the Action Tokens at their disposal. By returning to the Kalena Tile, players can sell goods in exchange for Pecunia, learn new skills, and train to increase the number of Action Tokens at their disposal. The player’s objective is to be the Perceiver with the most Valor when the game ends.

Artwork Gallery

Download the wallpaper of Haunted Lands, click and save the image below!

The Perceivers are considered heroes by the Kalena community, as they are the only ones who can interact with the Specters.
Once a Perceiver has convinced these haunting presences to leave an area, Kalena ranger teams build new structures that produce resources for the community.

Every year, during the Harvest Festival on the first day of summer, the Perceivers’ Guild rewards its most brave and charismatic members.
The ceremony in which the Guild Master presents the chosen one with the key to the city is the most anticipated moment of the festival, so much so that it is known as the “Festival of the Perceiver”.

Specters are ethereal beings, and the tools of the material world have no effect on them.
It is impossible to share a living space with Specters, as they make it uninhabitable by drastically lowering the temperature.

How is it that the former population of these lands has disappeared?
And why are the Specters unable to leave our world on their own and continue their journey into the World of the Dead?
These questions have yet to be answered, but every good Perceiver always tries to learn something from the Specters they connect with.


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