Sine Tempore: is a strategic tactical cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players that must colonize a primordial planet. The Heroes will have to fight with local enemies, but will the  advanced technology  be enough toward these deadly enemies accustomed to fight and hunt?
Captain Achab: “I don’t remember how much time has passed… I don’t remember how many galaxies we visited… Seeds are ready and we haven’t more time to visit other planets, maybe we have found a planet adapted to our people, but it is safe? I and my troopers we will find out soon!”
In the world of Sine Tempore the players choose a role, each Hero has unique abilities useful to survive and fight the enemies. As in Nova Aetas there is a competitive Artificial Intelligence, that will challenge players. Nothing is decided, all is variable, all initiatives will affect the gameplay…
Are you ready to immerse yourself in a new epic journey rich of challenges?

Miniatures: in Sine Tempore we have really focused on models look and we have cured all the small details. A team of expert modellers have made amazing miniatures and others are incoming, expecially some models unique (Cyclop Ulisse) for Kickstarter campaign. Don’t miss them… Don’t miss our Kickstarter

Cards: for each Hero there is a pack of cards, equipment and upgrades. Increases the power of your weapon, or its range, destroy all enemies with one shot, or heal your teammates. Find resources to make special attacks reported on your cards to turn the tide of battle. There is only way to die on battlefield, but many different ways to win… Find yours!



Tiles: all missions are different, but you can create yours with modular tiles. You can also customize your adventure and play on high resolution boards full of details. You will see that the short way isn’t the one more safe and the ojects on path will be usefull to save your lives.

Sine Tempore contains 4 wonderful miniatures of heroes: Captain Achab, Psionic Jukas, Doctor Alexandra and Gynoid Andromeda 2.0. On Kickstarter campaign it will be possible to unlock other Heroes like Cyclop Ulisse, or Engineer Isaac, or Scout Molly on her Ducali 350-Kr Antigrav Motorbike.
Each hero in addition to his equipment has a set of over 12 skills that he’ll learn during the campaign. When he goes to battle each hero can bring along 5 skills of the available abilities. Players will have to choose which skill set to take into battle, depending on their strategy and objectives of the mission. Deciding the right skills at the right time will be one of the keys for the win!
The Heroes will find the Primaevi enemies, creatures born for fight and hunt. In these deadly enemies stand out the Fauns warriors, armored hunters with spear and shield, or Spriggan the little monsters with a gatling, or the Witch with her powerful spells, or the huge Bull-y the strongest enemy that uses two-hand axe in each hand.
The enemies that the Heroes will meet on the battlefield, have their goals and their behavior that they will follow as long as the settlers will not become too dangerous. When a hero, with his actions, reaches a certain level of danger the enemies will start to attack and the battle will reach its climax. As in Nova Aetas, the enemies of Sine Tempore are completely autonomous and therefore the players will not need to roll the dice for them, the only thing that the players have to do is move them on the battlefield following the directives of their behavior.
I’m sure many of you already know, one of the best ways to help our campaign is to set your profile image (avatar) to a Sine Tempore one! To set your avatar: right click the image below. Choose a character and go to, click under the picture and navigate to the folder you saved the avatar to and select it. Help us to spread the voice!

We suggest you use the 220×220 images, as they are higher resolution, and will look prettier. However, if the forum you are trying to use only supports small avatars, you can also use the smaller ones.

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