Blood is a Boss Battler for 1-4 players, where customizable monster hunters use dice and cards to fight Vlad’s Champions. Unique strategies vary by encounter location. After each Raid, players return to Bran to upgrade their skills and weapons, preparing for the final battle against Vlad.

Lead a weird party of anti-heroes against terrifying Vampire Champions into Dracula’s Castle!

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce myself! I am Vasile, your magnificent master of ceremonies, and this is my extraordinary troupe of traveling performers, Vasile’s Follies!
Crossing seas and mountains, we have taken our traveling show to faraway and mysterious places, but never have we encountered a challenge like the one that awaits us here in the “joyous” village of Bran. 
Prepare to be amazed and enchanted by our incredible performances! With the fire of our acrobats, our jugglers’ grace, and our wildmen’s strength, we will take you on a journey through time and space, where wonder and madness are always around the corner. 
So, dear friends, are you ready to be led into a world of magic, adventure, and danger? Vasile’s Follies is about to begin, and we can’t wait to share this extraordinary journey with you!”


Traveling from town to town, vasile leads his troupe of artists performing weird shows and accepting occasional odd jobs to make ends meet.

by day, they are performers. By night, they reveal their true nature: adventurers and thieves, mages and monster hunters, all ready to risk everything for a lucrative loot.


“Blood is shaping up to be a formidable entry in the boss battler genre. With its rich vampire theme, diverse characters, and deep strategic gameplay, it offers an engaging and immersive experience.”

“Blood blends the best parts of the dungeon crawler and the boss battler genres. It is one of my most anticipated campaigns this year.”

“In an original and captivating setting, this game unfolds in a frenetic manner. While planning actions can be challenging in the early rounds, the gameplay becomes dynamic and almost cinematic.”

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