More than 45 stunning miniatures… and a very special guest!

Runar is a competitive board game with high interaction and stunning comic-style miniatures. Form and guide a Warband of three Viking heroes through frozen and harsh lands, teeming with savage and lethal creatures.
Earn victory points by defeating powerful Enemies, retrieving valuable Runic Gems, completing various objectives, and defeating opposing Heroes.

Extra option available!
Now you can order Runar with all models painted with a Wash technique! If you want to “power up” your copy of Runar and have an even better table presence, this option is perfect for you!

Runar is a competitive board game for 1-4 players. Each player leads a group of three Viking Heroes who must survive the icy northern lands – populated by strange and dangerous creatures – while attempting to recover mythical Runic Gems and precious divine objects.
Opposing Heroes will stand in your way as your Vikings try to prove their worth to the Asgardian Gods, hoping to be chosen to fight alongside them in the final battle.
A Runar campaign unfolds over five games in which players will face gradually more complex, and always different, scenarios.
Each player will use their Actions Deck, made up of the cards of each of their three Heroes, to activate the Vikings under their control, influence the course of the game, and unleash their powerful Skills and Talents.
By taking advantage of the Tactics at their disposal, each player can best deploy their forces and manipulate their Actions Deck to best predict and respond to their opponents’ actions.
At the end of each game, the Heroes will evolve and gain upgrades in the form of powerful magical items and divine artifacts. By the time the last game is reached, each player must have prepared their Vikings to the best of their ability to prove that they are leading the most valiant group of Heroes.


Jarls are very unique Runar characters, legendary warriors, historical (…or almost, given our reinterpretations!), related to the Viking world. Jarls have special skills, able to interact with and empower the other 2 members of the warband.

Each Jarl is linked to a clan, consequently you can only have one Jarl per warband.

Thanks to these six new awesome models, it will be possible to expand the game and also bring it to be used for up to 6 players.

So here are the two new clans added to the four of the core box: the Raven and Wolf clans.

In the box you’ll find everything you need to play 6-player games: new player villages (already included as a playmat in the deluxe edition), new Action Cubes, new Statues, new boxes, and all the other essential 3D elements.


This expansion will take you to an inaccessible area of the island, in search of the Runar, the only remaining intact Runic Gem, capable of bringing a warrior and their entire clan before the gods.
But there are several creatures protecting the area, incapable of dying.

Hel contains 3 very unique new Viking Heroes, who are the founders of the Lodge of the North, a coven of seers who banded together under Alfarinn’s impetus to form what is still one of the oldest mage guilds, second only to the Black Rose Lodge.


In this frozen land, behold, a mighty and monstrous (but not quite so) creature awaits the first warriors: a massive Troll.

This expansion includes the Troll model (85 mm high!), which is unique in size and rules. The Troll is a remarkable creature; during its turn, it basically performs three actions: it absorbs energy from a Runic Gem, jumps into the fray and attacks all heroes in the area, and then runs to protect the nearest Gem.

To be defeated, the Troll must sustain up to four wounds in a single player’s turn. A truly heroic act, but one that, if successful, will bring you many rewards.

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