A competitive Net Crawler game for 1-4 players.

Kabuki Nights Expansion

Kabuki Nights is an expansion that gives you more variety to the game with new combinations between Breachers and Avatars, and also increases the number of players up to 6. Inside you will find 2 new Breachers: Okami and Oni and 2 new Avatr models: Gura and Kusari.

If you love close combat, Gura soon will become your favorite Avatar; Kusari is the most “sneaky” Avatar within the game, it’s perfect if you want to ambush your opponents and then disappear into the “shadows” of the Database!

In addition to the two fantastic new miniatures, Kabuki Nights obviously contains all the material to play with 2 additional players: two new Player Interfaces (also with Japanese inspiration), Code Cubes, cards and tokens.

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