A competitive Net Crawler game for 1-4 players.

Erebus Expansion

Attention Breachers,

You are entering the deepest level of ​​the Achab servers.

Once inside there is no turning back, you must run till the end: either success or death.

Erebus servers are the silicon heart of the Corporation’s mysterious knowledge, where it all began. Nobody knows the physical location of the servers, that is why it’s impossible to have direct access to them. This area is well protected by… Agents!

The Agents are not just a clever AI, anti-tracking software will not be enough… they are managed directly by incredibly smart Breachers, who have been seduced by the power and richness that the A Corp can grant them. If you see one Agent, don’t waste time, a single second can make a huge difference. Immediately hide yourself, run misdirection routines, and activate cloning systems. Don’t let them see you!

Erebus will let you play… in Team Mode!

One group of players will carry out the Breachers’ raid mission, and another group of players will play the role of the Agents! The task of the Agents is to block the information, to make it more difficult for the Breachers to recover while waiting for the End Game activation. A special Guardian Track will reveal a Mission Card to the Agents, telling them how to win the fight.

Each Agent has its own peculiarities, and, just like the Breachers, its own “growth” system. The Agents, being at the service of the Corporation, will have the possibility to take control of the I.C.E. and use them to their advantage, at a small cost indicated by the new Remote Control Die.

The Agents can also force the Breachers to use a special Jamming Die to infect the Database, which will make the process even more difficult.

PS: For those who are already wondering, we immediately reveal that the I.C.E. included in Erebus can also be used in standard games!

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