Drunken Dwarfs is a story-game to be played with friends over a few beers.
In this game, each of you will play the role of a proud and bragging dwarf, sitting at a table at the inn. All dwarfs at the table are equally heroic and vainglorious.
Together, you will tell the tales of the incredible deeds of your band of adventurers, boast of your successes and at the same time smear and make fun of your companions.

What you need to play

  • Three to six players
  • The six plastic play-mats with the dwarfs’ characters
  • beer glass (i.e. a pint or half liter glass) for each of the players; all glasses must be the same!
  • You will need at least a couple of beers (the size is up to you) for each of the players
  • Optional, for variants: some strong liquor (whisky, vodka, rum, tequila; pick your poison) in appropriate quantities, and a small shot-glass for each player
  • Three coins for each player (if you want to gamble, you can use real money: the stakes will be equal to whatever value you allocate to the coins)

The box contents

  • Six plastic play-mat with dwarfs’ characters
  • Plastic Rule book
  • Special promo Dwarfs Land card!

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