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Welcome to the New Ice Age! The world we knew is over: a rapid and catastrophic climate change has turned the Earth into a frozen planet and destroyed our civilization. Among the ruins of Old London’s palaces groups of survivors fight a continuous war for survival, collecting goods to be exchanged with the “Pure” caste. These Purebred are the dominant faction of this new world. From their fortified citadels, thanks to their advanced technology and military power, they control groups of survivors by exchanging goods with them, but also pitting them against each other, so that they cannot unite and threaten their domains.


As the leader of one of the 4 survivor’s factions, you will have to guide your men through the ruins of Old London in search of materials to exchange with the Pure, trying to occupy the best shelters and gaining control of the Black Markets to improve your group’s equipment. Be careful! Meetings with other survivors will easily lead to battles for the best resources and shelters! In the end the Purebreds will reward only the faction that best served them…


Each player will control one of the 4 Old London’s factions fighting for survival. Each faction has one Leader with his own miniature and unique special rules,with 8 initial Action Cards that characterize their abilities and the Drone given by the Pure at the start of the game.

Refuge 42 –  Heirs of all the citizens of London who escaped the White Death hiding inside underground shelters, these survivors can count on technological devices from the past and the knowledge they have passed on. Their leaders always have a few surprises for those who hinder them.

Auxilia – The group in closer contact with the Pure caste can count on their support in exchange for information and tasks to be performed. Their leaders are cunning and ruthless, ready to do anything to keep the caste’s favor.

Farm Z – The genetic experimentation laboratory-bunkers called “Farms” host scientists, support staff and other people who have found refuge here. To lead the expeditions outside, the Scientists always pick one of their test subjects…

Ravagers – This group, which welcomes any desperate in need, is in touch with the Rebels, although no one can confirm it for fear of infuriating the Pure. Many of their leaders are actually rebel agents with a secret mission to complete.


The Pure caste offer 4 of their most advanced drones to the survivors’ factions, both to help them with their research and to pit them against each other, as gaining their control will give them a great advantage during a game.  These devices will help the survivors in various ways; each of them is built with a specific purpose, and at the start of the game each faction will control one drone, but thanks to the cards that can be purchased from the Black Markets each faction will have the possibility to control any Drone useful to their own strategy.

This flying war Drone is perfect for cleaning an area from enemy troops and proceeding to its conquest.

This bizarre Drone is the result of the most advanced Purebreds’ technology, and can teleport your units from one area to another, quickly and in complete safety.

Thanks to this digger Drone you can collect more material and do it faster than regular units.

The transport Drone “Simon”, with its high mobility will allow you to deploy your units in the most inaccessible areas of the map.

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During the game, each player can improve their Action Cards by purchasing them in one of the 4 Old London’s Black Markets. 3 of these markets are linked to a color and a dominant theme. For example, in the Warfare Market (red) you can buy more aggressive cards that aim to eliminate the opponent’s units. How to buy in these markets? In addition to paying a price in resources, you will also have to win one or more outposts of the same color, so as to obtain the necessary influence to access the best articles. The fourth market is generic and will provide all kinds of cards.

With cards that can be purchased in the markets, you can also gain control of any of the Pure’ Drones.


Action Cards are the core of the D.E.I. game system. In their round, players can play two cards that will determine their actions. Or they can remove one of their cards to buy a new one from the Black Markets. Action Cards are used to move units, collect Materials, activate Drones, deploy new units or build structures such as Hoists or Shelters. Furthermore, each card purchased in the market, in addition to supplying improved Actions, will also provide a certain number of victory points, which are fundamental to winning the game.



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