A competitive Net Crawler game for 1-4 players.

I.C.E. Breakers Expansion

This new KS Exclusive expansion adds a new category of models in The Breach: the I.C.E. Breakers!

These programs will help the Avatars during their raids within the Gene.sys., in particular, they will be of great help in countering and eliminating the threats of I.C.E.’s.

The skilled programmers who created the Breakers developed them after discovering and analyzing some very old software used in the early 21st century. By studying these softwares they discovered that some of their routines, precisely because they were so primitive, could have disoriented the defenses of Gene.sys, too advanced to detect threats within such old programs.

Since their first appearance, the Breakers have therefore experienced resounding success in the Breachers community. Lots of expert Breachers immediately took advantage of the great possibilities offered by them. Now there is no Breacher, who is offered the use of I.C.E. Breakers, who prefers to do without it!

In this expansion, you will find 6 types of I.C.E. Breakers, each present in 2 miniatures, for a total of 12 great bicolor miniatures. You will also find their cards and rules, to let you add them in any game of The Breach, including those in which you will use Prometheus or Erebus!

Each type of I.C.E. Breakers has unique abilities, dictated by the characteristics of its source software, those abilities add new possibilities and combinations. The “Half Moon” shaped bases will allow you to keep your Breaker linked to your Avatar, or to send it around in the Database to sow panic among Achab’s defenses!

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