Renaissance Pledge Level


Welcome to Renaissance Italy rich in historical figures and classical myths.
Follow the personal stories of our 4 heroes, make them grow, build new equipment and face the campaign in the backdrop of a truly historic event, in this tactical cooperative game for 1 to 6 players.
Will you be able to change the tide of the war between Rome and Venice?

This pledge also contains the Hyperion Expansion and all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign!

Nova Aetas: Renaissance Contents:
90x Miniatures
6x Foldable Hero Boards
6x Hero Sheet
6x Hero Skill Sheet
6x Hero Advanced Sheet
6x Hero Advanced Skill Sheet
600+ Cards
10+ 3D Scenic Elements
7x Map Tiles
7x Connectors Tiles
100+ Tokens
1x Horologium
6x Perilium Dials
1 Campaign Map
8x Custom 8-faces dice
30x Acrylic Cubes
36x Acrylic Pins
1x Rulebook
1x Campaign Book

Last Chance to get Nova Aetas Renaissance!

Last Chance to get Nova Aetas Renaissance!

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