Magister Pledge Level


A new threat faces the Black Rose Lodge. A Titan, brother of Crono, threatens the precarious peace in the Lodge.

With this pledge, you will be able to face one of the largest models ever produced by LMS both in Nova Aetas as a mini-campaign, in Black Rose Wars as a playable Mage, or as a (really big) Evocation together with his Myrmidons.

This pledge contains the Hyperion Expansion and all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign!

1x Hyperion Miniature (150mm)
11x Miniatures
1x Eracleto Pet Miniature
40+ Cards
3x Lodge Rooms
3x Mage Card
1x Rulebook
3x 3D Scenic Elements

Last Chance to get Nova Aetas Renaissance!

Last Chance to get Nova Aetas Renaissance!

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