Everybody wants to join Robin Hood and his Merry Men! You are the leader of a young bandits band, racing with other groups to enter in the most famous outlaws company of the medieval England!

To join the Merry Men, however, you have to prove to be the best bandits, robbing the gold of taxes from the Sheriff’s carts. But beware the other bands, they want to join the Merry Men too and they could hinder you!

In Sherwood Bandits you will roll and place die, trying to exceed the value of each cart and so robbing more goods than the other players. The band who will make the final blow will conquer a lot of riches, but if another band defeat the cart before you, you will remain empty-handed!

Robin Hood, Little John and all other Merry Men can also help you in the raids, granting different powers, useful to gain more riches or an advantage against others.

At the end of the game, you will also gain extra points for complete sets of rings, necklaces and blacelets robbed.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your band, the carts with the gold are coming!

Italian Rulebook available, click here to download it!

English Rulebook available, click here to download it!

French Rulebook available, click here to download it!

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