In a british nobles’ shoes, rich and bored, you are about to follow a new and bizarre fashion:
the construction of a private “Chamber of Wonders”!
It will be a race against your friends and rivals, sending out your Agents in London’s various areas,
to see who will boast the best selection of the strangest objects. You will visit auction houses,
do business with shady dealers, or search for unlikely artifacts in the shops of Piccadilly.
Who will be able to exhibit the most impressive Chamber of Wonders?

The new game from Stefano Castelli (Potion Explosion, Minute Realms, Bomarzo) and Diego Cerreti (GodZ, Omega: The Game).
Send out your Agents in London’s various areas, collect unique objects and try to set up the best Chamber of Wonders!

Each game lasts 20 to 40 minutes based on the number of players.
Different Contacts and double-faced Areas (with 2 different effects each) always offer new combinations,
giving enormous variability and longevity to the game.

Chamber of Wonders is a language-free game, which means there is no text in the game components.

In this game, your objective is to set up the best Chamber of Wonders by collecting Wonder Cards through your Agents
in London’s various areas (using money, bids, etc.) and placing them into your Display Cabinet.
Each player, with his actions, scores Fame points. The winner will be the player who scores the highest number.

You can choose between the Collector Version and an amazing Deluxe Version,
with precious wooden components!

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